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North East Motor Salvage (NEMS) has enjoyed a fine reputation in the dismantling/salvage business for in excess of 20 years. Throughout its life it has kept a high profile at the forefront of the market.

NEMS was the first site in the North of England to obtain its Environment Agency license, leading the way for others to follow.

The company has built a close association with sister companies involved in waste management and skip hire. This has highlighted and honed the company perception of waste/landfill considerations.

NEMS strength concentrating mainly in the Northumberland / Tyne and Wear / Durham / Teeside / Cleveland areas. They collect around two and a half thousand vehicles a year varying from a few days old to the more usual end of life vehicles (ELVs).

The company, at its Peterlee base, deals with each vehicle individually, dismantling in a systematic way.
North East Motor Salvage, having its own environmental policy, is truly committed to maximise the recycling of vehicles and wholeheartedly commits itself to the future of the CARE group
Saving the earth from civilisation's castoffs is not a gimmick for NEMS. Management hold Certificates of Technical Competence to enable them to achieve this at the highest level.
Through cooperation and interaction with manufacturors and end users, the percentage of an ELV which can be recycled is gradually increasing towards the millennium targets. As markets for recycled and recyclable material expand, what was yesterdays landfill will be tomorrows virgin material suppliments. North East Motor Salvage will play their part in protecting resources for the future.
North East Motor Salvage are also members of the MDVA - Motor Vehicles Dismantlers Association.
North East Motor Salvage (NEMS) has enjoyed a fine reputation in the dismantling and salvage business for in excess of 20 years.

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